Christmas Notes.

It’s been on my mind all week to write a little something full of Christmas links. Hoping sending them along add some extra cheer to your Christmas season!

Caroling along with:

  • A Johnnyswim Christmas : This album is a perfect combination of two things I love deeply – Christmastime and this artist couple. It’s the perfect accompaniment for turning off all the lights but the tree and candles, sitting quietly  with some tea (or a Moscow mule?), and reflecting on the year.
  • Behold : Lauren Daigle + Christmas. Cue the snow and fireplace please.
  • Another Neighborly Christmas : one of two of Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors Christmas albums. I am super excited to get to see them when they come to the TLA in May! I have loved this band for a while too, but alas all the bands I tend to like rarely hit up the Northeast. Hence, my overjoyed emotions about May.
  • A December to Remember : by the artist Dave Barnes. I first heard him when I went to Nashville in July. I would quickly dub him a 2016 crooner. Also – you should look him up on Snapchat. It’s incredibly enjoyable.


  • Our church started online devotionals a few months ago and the devotions for Advent have been some of my favorite. It’s such a beautiful and exciting thing to see writing happening by people in your own community and get to cheer them on. You should check it out here: HOPE Advent Series.
  • As part of the above series, I wrote a little something this year where I openly admitted I was giving up on Thanksgiving this year, usually my most beloved holiday. November was just rough you guys. November and December actually. This week has been the first it is finally started to feel settled — and hence the reason we call them seasons isn’t it? Read what I wrote, here.
  • That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs : Specifically the Christmas Party episodes. The one with Ann Voskamp will change your entire perspective on Christmas and I promise you, you’ll be better for it. I listened to it twice because I am just an overall fan of both of these women. They have the biggest hearts for bringing joy and light to a hurting world.
  • Speaking of Ann and a hurting world, I know we all have had it with 2016. Read these two posts, one by Ann Voskamp and the other by Sarah Bessey. They always seem to set my heart right when I get exhausted with the world.


  • Candy Cane Brownie Cookies.  Easy to make and the best part is the frosting makes so much extra that you can keep it in your fridge and eat it later… Put that frosting on anything you can think of.


Wishing you the merriest of Christmases despite the circumstances, whether they are exactly what you want or not even close. Wishing you joy in the midst of it all because joy is the most grounding force I have experienced when we fight for it. Wishing you hope because God never stops showing up and in that we can keep hoping, even when our hearts get hurt in between. Wishing you peace when you are confused as to why no one uses their turn signals anymore because peace can settle anger in an instant. Wishing you love because heaven knows we all need so so much more of it for ourselves, our families, our neighbors on our streets, our neighbors in our nation, and in our world. I am so excited for Christmas because I know the sense of wonder it brings to my heart when I let it and the expectation of that has never been let down, not even once.  – A.

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