Tuesday Notes – On Wednesday

It’s almost Wednesday as I write this. Let’s be honest, September is here with a vengeance as I felt my to-do lists swell today, watched traffic surge, and became frustrated/anxious/exasperated by the Tuesday after a holiday. The last holiday until Thanksgiving. I know, I’m killing the mood here, forgive me.

But something I am doing different this year is working to stay more in check with my heart in the heavy chaos this time of year can become. I get sad that the sun goes down earlier. I get annoyed that people seem to forget to be nice to each other as they rush through the checkout line. I get stressed and start pulling my curls straight when my to-do list is already longer than I’d like and someone criticizes my work or gives me “just one more thing” to add. But I’m working hard to not just sit and stew in these moments. I’m working hard to 1. Give myself permission that it’s just how I feel. You cannot control feelings. They just are. 2. Take a closer look at what’s really sparking this feeling for me. 3. Lean into and therefore through it to the other side. And what I’m discovering is on the other side there is compassion.  On the other side there is peace of mind and space to breathe. On the other side is a bit of healing and strength and empathy for a world bigger than I am. On the other side is the humility of my one temporary life.

So that was my driving home thought today — even as I rolled my eyes at the car who decided at the last minute they needed to be in the lane I am in and not their lane and they also need to turn left — but hey, we’ve all been there once, haven’t we? I am a work in progress, always.

As promised, here are two more “notes” for the week:


The New Retro playlist on Spotify. I am forever up for listening to new music and I discovered this gem on my drive to the shore Sunday. It made great escape music but I also couldn’t help but wish I was listening to it while dancing around barefoot, in my kitchen, holding a glass of whiskey. It is the perfect combination of old and new, some of it slow, smooth and soulful, other parts upbeat and catchy. Check it out. And sway a little while you do.

Following (and laughing)

I am a huge fan of Jamie The Very Worst Missionary on Facebook. Half the time she writes things exactly the way I think them.

Today’s post for example:

Please look her up and laugh. Please pay specific attention to her post on August 20th at 1:ooPM. Because I felt this exact way in a coffee shop yesterday trying to bring coffee to a good friend on Labor Day and apparently everyone had the exact same idea and that meant everyone lost their marbles – specifically the patience ones. But in the words of Jamie:







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