Tuesday Notes 8.23.16

Disclaimer – this week is mostly about food with a few other things thrown in. Because I have amazing friends who like to find reasons to celebrate just as much as I do. This led to a lot of food making over the past few days as we celebrated the Closing Ceremonies, new friendships, and beautiful summer weather.

Celebrating with

Guacamole. I often say if I had to pick a genre of food to eat the rest of my life, Mexican would be it. This is hands down my favorite recipe. My favorite part is when you char up the corn a bit with butter. You can go basic or doctor it up with extras such as tomatoes.

Even better than guacamole on it’s own, having it with fried tacos. Fried Tacos?! Why have we never met before. I am in love with a slight stomach ache because I made a bunch and ate them all….This recipe comes from the beloved Pioneer Woman. They are aptly called “My Brother’s Chicken Tacos” which makes me laugh since Adam was trying to persuade me to bring him some as well.

DIY Iced Coffee. Another Pioneer Woman trick of the trade. Because while I love Iced Coconut Mocha goodness with my espresso….saving money is always a positive life skill. Basically, take a pound of your favorite coffee, pour a lot of  cold water over it in a large container, let it sit for a very long time, strain (I just use paper towels – couldn’t convince myself ordering cheesecloths from Amazon was a viable purchase), place in large jug and refrigerate. Today I came home, poured some, and laid out in my hammock for bit. Sigh.

On Repeat

Johnnyswim’s “You & I – Live at Rockwood Music Hall. I love live music and this is one of my favorites. I love their little jokes at each other as they sing. Swooning.


Also on Repeat

My church’s summer series called LIFE. I was away a lot of weekends this summer and have spent most of my Monday’s listening to the podcasts on my way to or from work. I have listened to the most recent three multiple times in the past few days because of how many beautiful and raw bits of wisdom are being said about how we live our lives as friends, partners, and family. Yes, I’m slightly partial because the people speaking are near and dear to my heart, but even if church isn’t something you do – I’d encourage you to check these out.


This article about how we expect everyone else’s life to be perfect from what they put on their Instagram. It blatantly reminds us we are all in the same boat together.

Soaking up

The weather the past few days. I had my air OFF last night and a cool breeze through my window while I continued reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Minus my excitement about an upcoming day at the beach, I am in full looking to fall mode.

I had a lot more Tuesday notes this week, but feeling the push to stop here. Hope you find something to celebrate this week!


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