Tuesday Notes.

I promised myself I would start writing more. (I’ve made this promise so many many times now.) So I’m shooting for “Tuesday Notes.” Little blurbs on Tuesdays about what I am into or listening to or simply mulling over this week. Because Tuesdays can be the worst. Just stuck there in the middle of the week with nowhere to go. Too early to look to Friday, too late to remember the weekend. But I like a good Tuesday with little to do except maybe drink a little more coffee and pray the weekend comes quickly. Or that I at least make it to Wednesday…

I also wanted a way to hold myself more accountable that I am filling myself up with things I love when life gets stressful.

Tuesday notes.


Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors – Live at the Ryman. 

Go listen. Currently my favorite band next to Johnnyswim and the Civil Wars (I am still not over the breakup). Their music makes me feel like open roads, golden skies, rainy days, and pure hope.

Eyes On

The OLYMPICS! I’ve always wanted to be a gymnast. I’m blown away at the things athletes bodies can do when pushed to the max. I watched diving last night. Somehow these guys managed to balance on their toes on the edge of a board with 46 mph winds blowing around them. And have you seen water polo? Sure let me just tread water and throw/catch a ball with ONE HAND while there is water constantly splashing in my face. Also, the men’s water polo team. Just saying…

Fun fact – once or twice Michael Phelps practiced at my college pool. My college girlfriends and I cannot mention him without mentioning his porpoise like torso and dinner plate sized hands. But his mom – Debbie – is actually our favorite Phelps. #GoucherStrong

Also Eyes On

All the sunsets I can. I just returned from a week in the NC mountains where I am certain are the best sunsets I have ever seen. One night we even saw lightning happening inside of a cloud on one side of the sky while it glowed pink and orange on the other. However, as I sit outside right now and watch the gold tones start to come out of the clouds, I have to say NJ isn’t doing too bad of a job tonight. I love when you can see the moon while the sky is still light blue. Go outside tonight. Chase down a sunset. Remember life is bigger than that tiny thing making you crazy today.

When it’s 1000 degrees outside

Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato. Thank you Starbucks for going outside the box and slightly hipster with this one. It’s my current go to.


Wild in the Hollow by by Amber Haines (“for the Woman Who Feels She is Both Too Much and Never Enough” all the praise hand emojis.)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling (I had to. Harry Potter forever.)

“Mourning and Dancing” by She Reads Truth. ( I am a bit behind in this one but I love every line of it. I decided to skip the reading schedule and take my time.)


The team of 15 adults who joined me in leading 34 students last week on our middle school mission trip. My heart is bursting with joy this week because of all you taught me about family last week. Your encouragement has made my Tuesday so much brighter. THANK YOU.

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