What I’m into this week 10.9.15

It’s fall. The trees outside of my house are starting to brighten into red. I’m constantly trying to push the weather to be cooler by wearing boots and wind up sweating instead….but we’re getting there.

Besides my devotion to autumn, I thought I might share some other things I am into right now:

Listening to:

Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors

I came across them by way of listening to Ellie Holcomb first. Their newest album just sounds like fall to me. A little indie, a bit acoustic, with poetic lyrics that make you feel like driving slow or drinking copious hot cups of coffee.

Magic Lessons

A podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert based on her new book Big Magic. She interviews a small handful of people who all have a passion to create something but are having trouble getting started. Then she interviews some of the great writers, artists, researchers she knows to help give these individuals the insight and encouragement they need to start. Her guests include Rob Bell and Brené Brown among others who give some soulful advice about creating and maintaining the “magic” in our lives.


“Stop Hustling and Get Your Life Back”

By Shauna Niequist. A great piece on slowing down a bit just in time for fall.

“Why It’s Sometimes Best to Ignore Your Feelings”

By Donald Miller. I actually tried this earlier in the week at a meeting where neither I or the person I was meeting with was feeling up to the challenge of creating. It was late, we were tired, and I remembered reading this. After 10 minutes of pushing past the feelings I was having towards the project, we got rolling and actually made some awesome progress. It’s so important to remember we have a say when it comes to what we do with what we feel.



A documentary about a 93 year old NYC fashion icon named Iris. It will make you want to immediately start taking better care of yourself to make sure you are just as fabulous at her age. You also will want to adopt her as your great grandmother.

Happy Fall!


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