I haven’t written anything since my best friend got married almost 8 months ago. Life seemed to speed up since then from holidays to traveling to Haiti to coping with the loss of a beloved grandmother. “WRITE!!!” has been on every to do list I’ve made. But something keeps holding me back. I’ve noticed lately I’ve gotten really good at filling my time, even if it doesn’t need to be filled. My to do lists become about tedious tasks that aren’t really as pressing as they look on paper. In general lately, life has felt….noisy. So noisy I’m struggling to find direction. But, yesterday I read this blog about this girl who did a 31 day smartphone cleanse. And I came to the conclusion today, I’m going to do the same. June 8-July 6. 28 days, a little less but all the same. The goal isn’t to cut off from the world. Not at all. I love social media and what it can do. The goal is more to reframe my brain as ranking it as more important than sitting and having a conversation, spending time with loved ones, or occupying my time in a more active way.

here’s what I’ve decided:

1) No unnecessary smartphone use after work. (Or computer use.) My work day is the time to do email, check up on social media at lunch, etc, etc. 

2) Phone calls as much as possible. If I’m planning on having a lengthy conversation, I call. If I need to ask a quick question and be done with it, texts will suffice. Exception: work time when calling may not be appropriate or possible. answering texts from others. — Again, the goal is not to cut off, just reframe and get better at disconnecting when I need to.

3) When I’m in the company of others, my phone goes in my purse, pocket, out of sight. Exceptions: picture taking, entering new contacts, and other things which would involve the others around me – not allow me to withdrawal from them.

Praying this will be a time for me to reconnect with myself, my friends, my family and even people I may not know yet in a deeper, more connected way. – AE.

One thought on ““Re-Routing”

  1. This is awesome Ash. I have started doing something similar but with no time limit on it. Enjoy. P.s. you inspired me I have started a blog as well. mwazz


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