Choosing to be still.

My name is Ashley Evans and I am horrible at being still.

Which is ironic, because I also love naps.



In fact, the whole title of this blog is a bit paradoxical because the word “selah” under the title “Girl Moving Now” actually means “be still and listen.” But, more on that another time.

A dear friend of mine, knowing I love to write, has been encouraging me to blog for months now. I’ve found that writing helps still my soul. I have a bookshelf of journals in my room that started around age 12. And while I still keep a journal for my deepest, personal musings, I’ve decided on this other outlet as well. 

And so, here I am. My name is Ashley Evans and I am 24 years old. I live in a small town, which I love.

Other things I love:

Dancing. I have my B.A. in Dance and my M.A. in Dance/Movement Therapy. 

Moving. My body, not the cardboard box/box truck kind.

Tea. Especially iced tea. 

Coffee. coffee. coffee. 


Small independent book stores. Especially old ones. I wind up in them for hours sometimes.

Jesus. All I can say is my faith has gotten me through more things than I think I ever could have gotten through on my own.

Relief work. 


Jane Austen. My cat is named Mr. Bingley. 

Music. In all forms.



The color blue. Especially teal blue.

Being near water.

Letters. Snail mail is a beautiful, lost art.

Old houses with porch swings.

Being around people who inspire me, make me laugh, let me cry, and love me as I am.


That’s me for tonight. It’s beautiful out and all the windows in my room are open. Feeling the need to take the opportunity to sit by one and, well … be still.

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